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Warning the following may not be applicable to all who read!

I have been waking up at 4 am for over a decade now, I have found that exercising early is a Great way to start my day. Something about building my physical capacity threshold early in the morning, while the rest of the world lies dormant, invigorates me to get more done.

The ability to exercise, clear my mind, and plan my day while the sun is still not up gives me an incredible sense of power.  I am able to build my health, prioritize my day, and anchor my psyche.

I have done this for a very long time, I am usually the first one in the office and the last one to leave, I feel that is only right since I am the founder and owner of my company. I don’t say that in a sarcastic way, this l is the path I have chosen, this is what it takes,  I would choose it again a million times over.  The truth is I don’t know any other way.

This path is not for all, it has valleys and peaks, but your ability to deal with them will define you and make you forever stronger if you embrace the challenge.

I write this blog post today to let people know what I do, not today or last week, but for the last 10 years and beyond.  This is what I see myself doing every day for the rest of my life, I come to compete every day, in the gym, at work, in life. This is engrained in my DNA, it is a part of my culture and I embrace it.  This is forever and I look forward to it.  Life is a gift, we are not promised tomorrow  and it’s our duty to maximize it.

I look forward to everyday in front of me and am grateful for every memory I have been able to create.

Embrace your challenges and keep moving forward.

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  1. Mecah says:

    Great post very inspiring and motivating! I think I am going try exercising in the early too maybe not 4 am but a little later. Just to get myself back to where things were!

    Thanks for sharing

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