Culture Matters

What is culture?  Culture is a way of life.  And in business, it is extremely important to Execute your vision for the enhancement of all involved.  At HGRN, our culture consists of gratitude mixed with a demand of execution.  I have learned that “My Team” is “My Company,” rather than the actual real estate transactions that we represent.   There is nothing more important than the continuous progression, development and success of my team.

The establishment of your company culture will determine what your company will personify.  There is no greater fulfillment than seeing my agents and loan officers succeed.  Their success is my success.  As the leader of HGRN, achieving and maintaining a positive work culture is always a top priority.  My loyalty to them is simply a reflection of faith they have entrusted in me to be their leader.   A team Culture with accountability and a common goal, will help propel your company to the highest levels. However, in order to achieve that, you must lead by example.  – Do as I do

The NAHREP ‘Power Panel’ talked about making connections, culture, and having self-motivation as keys to success. 

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