Doing the work.

There is no substitute for doing the work- You can only enhance it with technology.

HGRN is a small balance direct commercial lender & Boutique real estate broker, as CEO of HGRN I have been meeting more and more young professionals. They have access to every system the internet has had the time to create. They are so busy getting accreditation’s that they do not have time to prospect. They are so busy setting up their virtual assistants that they do not have time to follow up with clients ( although their client list may be counted on one hand) 

Do not be so busy being busy. Have a clear vision of what you want and move your business forward. There is no better marketing than closing a deal for a direct client, or a referral partner that may have had a deal stuck somewhere else. There is no better sales associate than a client that believed in you to get a job done, and you get the job done with excellent service. I believe there is an invaluable quality to excellent service. That should be coupled with achieving the results your clients need. The intrinsic value is that your brand value goes up every time, you can’t replace that, you can supplement it and enhance it, but cannot replace it.

Good luck out there!!

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