Fear is for others.

As I write this blog post today, it is the midst of the Corona Virus “Pandemic”

My post is not so much about the virus and the mind-set of the world concerning it, it is more on the topic of fear itself.
The emotion of fear affects some of us so severely, that it mentally “shackles” us. It can affect our decision making, it can affect our perspective on certain things in life, make them seem so much farther  away, or so much worse than they actually are.

The truth is that fear is necessary, it makes us more “self-aware”, but to build on that statement, your relationship with fear is what you must define, you can acknowledge something, but don’t let it stop you. Be cautious, but not stagnant.  The truth of the matter ( in my opinion) is that everything always seems so much worse that it actually turns out to be.

When I went to purchase my first house, I was denied by “Northfork” Bank. I went to them because as a small business owner and banked with them. (I owned a liquor store at the time.)  They didn’t even explain to me why. This was in 2006 when everyone with a pulse was able to get a loan.  But my wife was pregnant, and I had to find  a way.  I was just denied and for most people that would have been the end of the story.

But I HAD to make it happen.  I didn’t accept the no, I found a way. In today’s market if one lender tells you it’s not possible, then I have to say this, “you’re talking to the wrong lender!”

This can be applied to anything in life, if something is TRULY important to youthen your desire should always outweigh your fear.  You need to control your fear and not let it dominate you. You can pay attention, but you must also build your own fortitude.You have to base you decisions on clear objective  not on emotional response.  Your subconscious does not know the difference between what is actually happening and what you want to happen.

Choose your thoughts wisely…. Like Bruce Lee said “fear is for others”

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