Know Your Worth

Real Estate is a High Pressure industry- that is why clients need a Qualified professional to represent them:

When dealing with High Net worth individuals, Attorneys, Real estate agents, or even your clients. ( buyers or sellers).  Approach everyone with  professionalism, do your research and communicate efficiently.  In many instances,  (typically during larger transactions) As a listing agent, buyers broker or loan officer you may be faced with obstacles that can impede your closing.  Your function here is to stay calm, (the client will need that) look at all angles of the deal.

Come up with a solution, that is amenable to all. During these transactions,  ( the larger the dollar amount the worse) people may try to initiate a conversation with a contentious tone, this does not help anyone. Always keep your cool, the objective opinion in the transaction is what your client has engaged you for. This is when you need your creativity and clarity, the voice of unbiased reason.  That is your Value,  Check your ego, make sure you keep a calm head during the sometimes bumpy road. Client’s needs and goals come before your own  – The HGRN Standard.

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