Wealth Without Health Is Meaningless

Wealth without health – would you trade one over the other?  I think its obvious that most individuals tend to put financial wealth as a top priority.  The majority of people only think about their health when something goes left.  I use the term left instead of Wrong, as [wrong] has a negative connotation.  –  A Billion dollars in your bank account does nothing for you if you cannot get out of bed to walk around in the sunshine.  Your family needs you not only to provide, they need you to be “present” and able to share in the life you are providing them. Do not think that you sacrificing your health for the sake of your family would make you a martyr.  We have to be able to switch gears from “Money making activity” to “Memory making activity” – that “harmony” is what we all seek. But if you do not maintain your physical and mental health you are farther from that “truth” than others.

We all have goals, at some level of another.  I for one, am relentless in pursuing all of the goals that I set for myself.  Obviously, one of my goals is financial freedom, and the ability to generate income while I sleep.  My plan/goal is to get there within the next 5 years.  I have already laid out the path and now I tread towards this goal every single day.  Regardless if I make large strides or small ones, I always fall forward.

The pursuit of your financial dream is important, especially to those of us with obsessive personalities (me).  However, the maintenance of our personal health is so often overlooked.  Whether it’s a result of our poor diet or long work hours and the common “lack of time” excuse, or sedentary lifestyle.  We tend overlook it because we are obsessed or consumed with whatever our other goals are.  My response to that is this:   we get one chance, one body, one life.   Life is a BIG word, Quality is another word I would attach to it.  To keep it all in context.

The Webster definition of the word ‘Training’:  “the action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event.”  I have never played a competitive sport in my life.  But, I make it a priority to train/exercise at least five days a week.  Training/exercising is important to me because is improves quality of life, longevity for my family, maintains my personal sanity (more on this later) and to keep my body fat under control.  I like to eat!

Working out, training is exposing your body to stress.  Your body then adapts to the stress or, by getting stronger.  The more stress you can withstand, the stronger you become, physically as well as psychologically and emotionally.  Training and working out teaches you how to deal with being uncomfortable and how to stay functioning and comprehensive in times of stress.  If you don’t train, you absolutely should!  There is no better way to preserve yourself as we move forward in our lives – You only get one life, one body, respect it.

Without health, you will never be able to truly embrace wealth.

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