Work is all in perspective.

When working towards your career goals, your approach has an incredible impact on the results.  That difference in mindset drastically changes your approach and subsequently your results.  

The true “secret” to building a positive relationship with work is this:  work is equity your building in yourself, whether as an owner of a company or an employee of a larger company.

A reflection of who you are and how you feel about yourself stems from your (self) perception of value.  When you are truly dedicated to that task/job and have a sincere approach to it, you will be fulfilled.  If you are truly passionate about what you do, then the word, “work” has a different connotation.  If your passion is to make people happy, and you succeed at that, then no matter what your actual job is, it will be self-gratifying.  You should not measure your level of success in any other way if you truly want to be fulfilled (AKA Happy).

My passion is to help everyone become more financially literate.  I have a genuine desire to help educate others and make them more “conscious” of what is possible – and, if it’s not possible at the first meeting, then how can we strategize to make it possible.

-Reality is a matter of perspective – LOF

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