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When you set a [significant] goal, it may sometimes seem insurmountable or unachievable.  But if you’re disciplined in your approach and methodical in your execution, you can achieve anything.  We tend to limit ourselves with self- imposed beliefs or the limiting beliefs of others.  We sometimes allow their doubts to become “truth” in our minds. But those are illusions and based upon their self-imposed limits which were formed by their experiences.

Although, at the start, you may feel that the goal(s) may seem too distant and unrealistically unachievable.  During these moments, it is important to break your goals into mini-goals.  Set Milestones within the macro goal. (Each checkpoint will further enhance your confidence and vibration)  But you must move with intent and determination.  The doubt is something that is natural and can be controlled if you move with purpose and discipline.  Just as long as you move forward, you cannot fail.  Even a conceived failure is just a lesson in itself.  The goal will always remain the same – the journey may take unexpected twists and turns.  But, as long as you stay true to your north star, you will be victorious.  Those times when things seem the darkest is when you smile and let your spirit shine and illuminate the way.  We know it takes work, you should welcome it and embrace it.  Every obstacle along the way is helping shape you into who you need to become in order to succeed.

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