You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self Awareness is essential if you want to help others.

Recognizing our self-worth and pursuing our happiness is something that so many of us lose sight of when we are busy trying to help others.  The feeling of confidence that comes along with that mindset, is immeasurably valuable.

The one thing that we have to remember you must understand, is that you need to be truly in tune with yourself.  You need to do what is makes you happy – this will, in turn, create (inner) harmony, which will translate into the “energy”, “Vibration”, “Aura” that others feel when interacting with you.

You have to be pursuing or at least attempting to pursue your goals, no matter what they are. This will give you an inner sense of fulfillment, your, “True north” setting if you will.  The challenge may be that it sometimes changes.  But you should have some “pillars” or “foundation” of your life pursuits.  That could be based upon a professional metric, or having the family dynamic you’ve always wanted or just being the best friend you can be.  Doing this leads to a greater feeling of satisfaction, which translates to a happier version of ourselves.

Most of us do not have a clear understanding of what really makes us feel fulfilled.  This tends to lead to mediocrity but more importantly it tends to contaminate other parts of our lives.  There is a saying, “it’s not the situation, it’s how you react to situation.”   How we react is based largely on our state of mind.  Our state of mind is based upon our feelings of gratitude, satisfaction, and fulfillment.  No one can tell you what will make YOU happy – only YOU have that power.  Once you identify that, you can build upon it.  That satisfaction will come thru in your personality, your smile, your way of thinking.  Your way of life.   That will make you the best version of yourself, which will allow you to help others if so called upon.

Be happy, stay hungry…….

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  1. Asha Joseph says:

    Hi who are, I am a young aspiring entrepreneur with a registered beauty at home salon business..I am doing good, but something about what I read in this article, gives me an intense drive to push really hard yet to do what I can.
    Am from the Caribbean a small country named St. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES. I Love your written motivation!

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