Live as if…

The most important thing to establish when your building your business, is a the clear vision of what you want it to become.  What you envision your business to ultimately metamorphosize into.

(This will ultimately become and never-ending quest, as our consciousness reaches higher levels )

 Similar to a staircase with landings, you climb the stairs and reach a certain level aka landing, when you take an accounting of what you have achieved – you will grow and then-there are more stairs to climb. 

When you have a clear vision of who you are and what you want your business to become.  The ability to reverse engineer the actions that it will take,  to achieve your goals, clarify in direct proportion  to your ability to envision it.

If you adopt the attitude that you are already there, your work ethic and it’s results will bring that version to the surface faster than anything else can.  

“Where the attention goes, the energy flows”– 

Our ability as humans to have a direct impact on our own lives and the lives of others, is totally underestimated.

 Live as if, you have already succeeded, your method of making decisions will become different, and those decisions will have a major impact on the path of your life.

Achieving the goal is the objective, the journey may take unexpected twists and turns.  Never relent, if you are working tirelessly toward your goal, one day you will look up and realize you are there.  The Odyssey of your evolution will be amazing. .

 The conviction of one outweighs the belief of many!

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