Hello everyone, Luis Omar here,

I wanted to talk to you about HGRN real talk- my video interview and podcast show.

This show was created by me for everyone, to document financial, physical, mental and spiritual growth. I want to show people that there are many paths to success, and some have yet to be discovered. Success should be measured by you and what makes you feel whole, no one else can define your success.

A little about me- I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, even before I knew what that word meant. I was willing to take risks and am not afraid of being wrong. I don’t think that your mistakes define you. I believe they refine you. They make you better.

The biggest lessons I have learned in business has been from taking losses. But I learn and don’t make the same mistake twice. I was recruited into this real estate world based upon success I had in other fields, which I think is a different spin than most. Just to illustrate that our plans may change and that’s ok. During these interviews with others I will speak about them so maybe you don’t make them.

Let me talk about higher education for a second since this is a hot topic. Higher education is not a guarantee to any financial success, but training your mind is. I am a proud college graduate from NYU
and even more proud to be the first to graduate college from my family. That was the win for me. To finish, just fyi my career had nothing to do with my major.

I own a commercial bank and real estate brokerage in NYC. I help clients get access to money to purchase real estate, they may need these properties for operating their own businesses or for rental investments.

Most of our battles are all fought within our mind before we take any action. I believe if you simply step forward, you can dismiss many of your doubts. But the way we all deal with it, makes us who we are.

I am looking forward to sharing and hope the content provided helps you.
Talk to you soon



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"Instead of asking for a seat,

build your own table."