What is the difference between having patience and standing still?

There are so many people who are proponents for the “Hustle” culture. But many just don’t truly understand what the term “Patience” means in relation to being an entrepreneur.

The difference between patience and just not doing something is simple.  When your trying to be patient, it’s because you took action , you devised a method or technique  and have laid out the framework for it to work.

 The true challenge when you’re an entrepreneur is tempering your ambition with patience.   If you have a Vision, you have to give the strategy that you are implementing  time to mature and develop.  That may mean waiting for a certain amount of people to review  a piece of content, or even allowing a client to explore an option that they feel will work. ( Even if you don’t think it will.)

 Standing still is really exactly what it says, you don’t make a plan, you don’t have a vision, you have not aligned your team to see the vision and you don’t champion execution.   What you’re expecting is a result with no definitive action placed toward it.  That’s called wishing.

 I am writing this post for those thinking that being patient means standing idle, that is not what it means.  It means to define your vision, align your team, and execute the plan.

The patience comes into play, to allow your vision and work to materialize results, if the results are not happening fast enough, then maybe you didn’t go BIG enough in your execution.

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