We all start where we are, your conviction should outweigh the belief of anyone else

Lately a topic that has caught my ear is – “is it too late for me to start pursuing my goals?”   If we are talking about a goal that you set out for yourself, the best time to start is today.  To be in motion is the goal, whether or not we are going in the right direction will be determined by the results of our execution.  If we discover the path we have chosen is the not the correct or most efficient one, then you can pivot and change direction.  The time spent in the wrong direction, still serves it’s purpose.  That is to show you what may not work, a process of elimination.  But this should be viewed as exactly that, a learning experience to refine your professional perspective.

The ideas and thoughts behind it, are the inception, but the confidence to move forward is what will determine where you end up in the race.  The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t succeed fast enough.  But do not let the thought of denial or failure stop you.  This is part of the process, refinement, elimination – scientific formulas are all based on the process of elimination – they had to fail so many times to get it right.  The elite athlete misses so many more shots than they attempt.  But they KEEP taking the shot. 

Write your goal(s) down, make a plan, move forward and take action.  It is that simple.  Whether you are 15 years old or 60 years young, it’s the same process. 

The time is now, the goal is achievable.  Go execute!  The conviction of one, outweighs the belief of others.

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