Focus on what you can control: The rest will work itself out.

During the last couple of weeks, I seem to be having a hard time closing loans. The clients are not the problem, my ability to close is not the problem. But things like outdated mortgages on title reports.

(Getting them cleared)  Things like closers, sending packages over and them disappearing in the FEDEX monster. ( True story ) Lost about 50k in funds in the last two weeks.

   I am working on new files consistently, but I seem to be getting bogged down by a series of unfortunate events.  I know that they will work out, but my advice to all of you out there when you face these challenging times.

 Stay in contact with your clients. ( they depend on you) Stay in contact with your team, they need your direction.
 I am transparent when I speak to them, yet confidently assure them that you will rectify the situation, because one way or another I will.  
 Stay calm, these are unprecedented times,   Murphy’s law- “ Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”  But you can control your ship. (Metaphor for your mind)  Relentlessly work with  your team for solutions and keep nurturing new opportunities.

No matter what happens, keep getting new business and giving excellent service to your existing client base.

Your actions and their momentum will shift the paradigm eventually, but you must constantly tend to the garden and nurture your crops. ( See what I did there)  Hunter Vs Farmer Mentality.

Yes it’s bothersome, but if you allow it to take over the rest of your business, then you really paint yourself into a corner,  focus on what you can control, and the rest will work itself out.

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