Social Media Etiquette – Social Currency- Who do you really know?

The past couple of years have been a tremendous roller coaster of events. Obviously, the most recent
and the most impactful, has been the Covid Pandemic and the challenges we have faced during these

The use of virtual platforms to stay in touch with everyone (clients, professional contemporaries, family,
etc.), is at an all-time high. The loss of the physical meeting and personal touch in conducting business is
metamorphosizing business as we know it. We are meeting new people (virtually) during transactions –
daily . 

But what constitutes knowing someone?  What does it mean when you say “I know that person?”  In my
opinion (in a professional forum), we have engaged in a business transaction.  We have had common
clients, or we may have been on the either side of a transaction.

Social Currency (your credibility) is the most valuable asset to have. You establish this by efficiently
executing transactions. Simply stated: delivering the service you initially promise, within the
established time frame. You can also label this as your, “reputation” or “brand.” This metric (especially
during these times of remote business) has become essentially important.
Your “Social Currency” or “Reputation” has become so important that people may or may not call you
based on what they hear from other professionals or see on social media. Usually, the people that refer
you are extensions of your reputation. They are people of your character and capability and expect the
same level for their clients. Getting the right referral from the right person may determine whether a
prospective client will use you or not.   In certain instances, another professional may need my help to
save a deal. This is the reputation I have built over the years. This is almost as important as money in
the bank, as this is what usually propels your business to the next level or keeps you at a certain level.
Which leads me to my next topic.

Social Media Etiquette – having a relationship with another person in the “real world,” prior to aligning
yourself with their brand on social platforms. I am beginning to see situations in which people are
claiming to know other individuals (that they do not). They claim to do business with certain
organizations, and haven’t. They are trying to align their brands with others whom they barely know.
Apparently, this has become the new way of accelerating your exposure to different spheres of
influence.  But this technique is a double-edged sword. People that are constantly doing business with
each other are in contact daily.  If you claim to know someone, it’s important that you actually know
them.  I verify with my business alliances. 

I am always open to work with anyone that I haven’t worked with yet. I am always looking to meet
other professionals. Feel free to contact me on any social media platform. Always approach others
with authenticity and honesty. That is the right way to start a relationship.  
Follow the proper protocols when trying to grow and work with others – you will earn more respect for

Make it a win win!

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