Faith – Belief in things not seen.

The concept of faith is one that I can relate to, not in a binary religious sense but as a way of life. The
ability to continue forward, into the unknown, the ability to conceptualize a life that may seem so far
away. The act of moving toward your goals, the actions that you need to take become the missing link.
Many times, saying that you want something, does not translate into doing what you need to achieve it.
There is a saying that resonates with me in Spanish. “Donde naci, no determina donde voy a morir”
“Where I am born will not determine where I will die.”

It may seem a little barbaric but the essence of the statement rings so close to my heart.
I was told by people in positions of authority (in my student career) what goals I should be setting. What
they deemed as realistic. Where they thought my station in life was, it would never align with my vision.
I now know that they were just giving me advice based on their beliefs and perspectives – it had nothing
to do with me.

I had a very clear vision of who I wanted to become. I did not have any role models in my life that were
that person. I did not know how I would get there. I Just knew that it was within my power to achieve
it. Throw in some Napoleon Hill readings, and I was off!!

I want to talk today about a question that I heard recently. “How do I become something that does not
exist yet?” – my answer to that – become that which you wish to evolve into by doing what that version
of you will do, now. Move in the mindset of your future self, you make your decisions in the now, based
upon the perception of the future or the “then”.

You act, behave, perceive, respond, ingest, and create based on your “future” version. Accelerating that
process of who you are looking to become be fostering the posture you need now. You are becoming
that person thru determined, purposeful action.

It is not the one thing you do that changes you, it is the thousands of small decisions you have made,
during your path up to this moment.

But the vision must be clear, the actions must be purposeful, the discipline to do it daily, must be

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